About Us

For us, it begins with the materials.  Our fascination with the metals, gemstones and techniques drives us to put them all together in a new design that is not only wearable art, but also a challenge to make.  Although we have  learned classic techniques (at Lill Street Art Center, Gemological Institute of America,  William Holland School and lots of other seminars and workshops) we pride ourselves on tweaking those techniques pushing them a step farther or adding two or three  different techniques together to create a new look.  A lifetime spent in an artistic family has resulted in our taking techniques from other genres such as sewing, potting or knitting and applying them to metal.  Our goal is to make unique, affordable jewelry that is on trend but can also be worn for years to come

Jane has a Pearls certificate from the Gemological Institute of America and is Certified in Precious Metal Clay.  Susan has a Colored Stone Certificate from the Gemological Institute of America.  In our former lives, we were in the corporate world as an attorney and real estate executive.  Most days, we have more fun making jewelry.

 Since our jewelry is handmade, there will be slight differences in each piece.

- Susan and Jane Shaffer